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  • Change Your Life One Habit At a Time

    65 days ago

    Habits. We all have them. Not all of them bad. I identified early with Kent Beck, who famously claimed to be an average programmer with exceptional habits. Today I point to Ramit Sethi who emphasises using systems to regulate and perhaps even automate desirable behavior, and what are systems if not merely collections of interlocking,… Read more…

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  • Discipline or Tests. Pick one?

    79 days ago

    Which would you rather have: a disciplined programmer or a strong suite of tests? A client asked me this question recently, and I don’t know whether I gave em[1] a particularly good answer. I’m going to try to do that here. I can see benefits to both situations, so unfortunately, I can’t give a short… Read more…

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  • Produktivitet för Deprimerade

    3 months ago

    English version Ett urval av principer och riktlinjer Acceptera att du inte längre kan styra ditt humör. Acceptera att du är tvungen att anpassa dig till ditt humörs nycker. Du behöver energi och din energi strömmar från ditt humör. När du är nere och arbetar, hitta de uppgifter som kräver minst kreativitet och påhittighet, såsom… Read more…

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  • Productivity for the Depressed

    4 months ago

    På svenska An assortment of principles and guidelines. Accept that you have lost the ability to control your mood. Accept that you have to accommodate your mood’s whims. You need energy to work and energy flows from your mood. When in a dark mood and working, attempt tasks that require the least creativity and imagination,… Read more…

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  • Stop Controling Your Reactions to Others’ Behavior

    5 months ago

    You find yourself in a conversation that has gone wrong. Your interlocutor has said something that hurts you deeply. Just as you feel yourself ready to scream, you remember the words of a wise friend who told you that although you can’t control the behavior of others, you can control your own reaction to their… Read more…

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  • Does unit testing add value when we’re not doing TDD?

    5 months ago

    Someone asked this question on Quora. Does unit testing add value when we’re not doing TDD? Yes, of course. I “discovered” systematic unit testing while working at IBM in the late 1990s. I grew tired of believing that I’d finished a task only to find myself under a pile of bug reports a few days… Read more…

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  • Why Don’t We All Have Diagnostics Plugs?

    6 months ago

    I recommend that you take a minute or so to read “The Diagnostics Plug” by Michael Mahlberg. Including optional diagnostic information in our software systems seems so obviously valuable, but few people do it. Why? It requires one of two things that are not easily done: eitherdeciding now what’s important to measure and report, orHow… Read more…

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  • Dear Agile Conference…

    7 months ago

    A tip of the hat to Target Process for making the T-shirt for me, even before they knew that I wasn’t there at Agile 2014. Another tip of the hat to Torbjörn Gyllebring for being willing to wear the shirt on my behalf in my absence.

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  • The power of the reasonable request

    9 months ago

    I originally wrote this in January 2011, and just re-discovered it as an abandoned draft. In light of the recent popularity of #NoEstimates, even though I never finished this draft, here it is. I see teams waste tremendous amounts of energy arguing about estimates, which has prompted me in recent years to recommend techniques that… Read more…

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  • Test-Driven Development as Pragmatic Deliberate Practice

    9 months ago

    по-русски I use TDD as a method for learning the fundamentals of modular design, but I have to admit that I’ve mostly relied on the emerging discipline of the student for its effectiveness. I’d like to do this better, and I’ve kept an eye out for ways to script the critical moves1 in adopting TDD… Read more…

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