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  • Redirect permanent

    4 days ago

    Hello, everyone. Thank you for reading these articles over the last several years. I am slowly moving them to a new address, which you might have already noticed. Please continue reading at If you subscribe through FeedBurner, then everything should just work, but if you subscribe some other way, then you’ll need to subscribe… Read more…

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  • Slamming the Snooze Button on Work

    28 days ago

    A reader sent me this comment recently: Actually have an entry in my tickler file1 about creating a tool with better "snoozing" than manual review and better handling of intermittent recurring tasks, as well as helping to build new habits. It’s a snoozed entry, though. Yup. I have several projects like this: I consider them… Read more…

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  • Stop Future Work From Hanging Over Your Head

    47 days ago

    When I started exploring the Getting Things Done approach to managing work, I didn’t realize the transformative power of getting things out of my head and into a trusted system. I can’t think of any other single thing that I can teach to another person that has the potential not only to improve productivity, but… Read more…

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  • When You’re Buried in Email…

    59 days ago

    I find myself buried in email from time to time. In the past, when I finally took the time to dig myself out from under my backlog, I felt anxious or overwhelmed because it felt like new, potentially-urgent email kept flooding in while I was trying to catch up. This reminded me of my bad… Read more…

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  • TDD is Not Magic

    7 months ago

    From time to time I notice people saying this like “TDD can’t lead to good design”, and, like a dope, I can’t ignore them. Quite ironically, they make these statements because of the very act that practising TDD helped me understand how to do well: abstraction. I’m getting ahead of myself. When this happened recently,… Read more…

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  • You don’t like #NoEstimates? Here’s what you can do…

    7 months ago

    @jbrains important thing is to not treat the estimates as promises. People recalibrate their estimates as they learn more. They like it.— clarke ching »» (@clarkeching) April 18, 2015 @jbrains back when I did real work, I promised every team I'd buy them ALL an expensive lunch if I EVER reacted badly when a task… Read more…

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  • Leaky Scenarios: The Silent Killer

    7 months ago

    When details leak into our scenarios (any tests), they become brittle. If you have brittle tests, then you probably have leaky abstractions in tests and/or in production code. It’s so easy to let abstractions leak. The best of us do it. We often don’t notice that we’re doing it, so we need to be on… Read more…

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  • The Two-Minute Rule

    7 months ago

    You walk into work and you’re just about to #coffeeup. You have energy—or at least you will have it soon. Ever the good corporate citizen, wanting to remain responsive to customers and coworkers, you open your email. You dive in. You put out fires. You connect people together who really need to talk. You recommend… Read more…

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  • What Makes an MVP?

    7 months ago

    Confusion abounds about what constitutes a Minimum, Viable Product, or "MVP". This seems natural: as the term gained popularity, a larger group of people struggled to understand it, use it, and its meaning shifted. In many circles, "MVP" has become a kind of idiom: it has a meaning that no longer relates to its constituent… Read more…

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  • You Can Start Enjoying Work More Today!

    8 months ago

    Do you have a miserable job? I judge by Patrick Lencioni’s definition from The Three Signs of a Miserable Job. How many decisions do you get to make about your work? How can you tell how well you’re performing? How do you see the influence and consequences of your work? If you face low autonomy,… Read more…

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