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  • Dear Agile Conference…

    14 hours ago

    A tip of the hat to Target Process for making the T-shirt for me, even before they knew that I wasn’t there at Agile 2014. Another tip of the hat to Torbjörn Gyllebring for being willing to wear the shirt on my behalf in my absence.

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  • The power of the reasonable request

    61 days ago

    I originally wrote this in January 2011, and just re-discovered it as an abandoned draft. In light of the recent popularity of #NoEstimates, even though I never finished this draft, here it is. I see teams waste tremendous amounts of energy arguing about estimates, which has prompted me in recent years to recommend techniques that… Read more…

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  • Test-Driven Development as Pragmatic Deliberate Practice

    67 days ago

    по-русски I use TDD as a method for learning the fundamentals of modular design, but I have to admit that I’ve mostly relied on the emerging discipline of the student for its effectiveness. I’d like to do this better, and I’ve kept an eye out for ways to script the critical moves1 in adopting TDD… Read more…

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  • No, a Product Owner doesn’t need programming skill

    70 days ago

    What background should a Product Owner have? I don’t like the term product owner. I wish Brian Marick’s term “product director” had become more popular. A LinkedIn user reported that he sees job postings for product owners that expect TDD, BDD, OO, programming skills, and a degree in IT. (I assume that a computer science… Read more…

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  • “Veterans of TDD”

    73 days ago

    Johannes Link has interviewed a handful of people he calls Veterans of TDD, and he’s publishing his interviews as textcasts (you know… transcripts) for people who prefer to consume their media in text form. I recommend the series of interviews to you, not least because he has just today published his interview with me. Enjoy.

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  • Refactoring: Where Do I Start?

    74 days ago

    Unfortunately, I have no video of this old presentation, but I can offer the note that I’d distributed at the time. I’m experimenting with embedding the PDF. If you can’t easily read this on your device, then click here to download the document.

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  • You Ain’t Gonna Do It

    82 days ago

    One benefit from having mood problems: I tolerate bad feelings less well, and that pushes me to look for ways to feel better that I might not otherwise have thought about. Perhaps you can benefit from this without having the same mood problems I do. I hope so. First, I give you the tweet that… Read more…

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  • One Weird Trick to Help Survive Your Team’s “Version Control System”

    84 days ago

    During a Twitter exchange about committing frequently, I encountered this comment: @jbrains @angelaharms this is why I hate having to use perforce at my current gig. Need to figure out p4-git!— Mathew Phillips (@programatt) May 6, 2014 I don’t like to see people create obstacles for themselves. You do not need to use whatever git… Read more…

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  • One Practical Alternative to Estimates

    3 months ago

    Whenever I find myself expressing “anti-” thoughts I think back to a wonderful trick that I learned from Arlo Belshee and James Shore. They ran a workshop about integrated tests where they asked what benefits they give us, rather than focusing on all the problems that they cause. When they did this, the discussions in… Read more…

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  • A Few “Drawbacks to TDD”

    3 months ago

    I originally wrote this to answer a question on Quora. I teach test-driven development (TDD) quite frequently, and so naturally people ask me when not to practise TDD. Here I describe a few situations in which practising TDD might hurt more than it helps. Although the original questioner asked for “drawbacks to TDD”, I don’t… Read more…

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