Level 1: Community Edition

Have you thought about learning TDD, but prefer not to try to go through an entire self-study course alone? Would you like more support, both from me and from your fellow learners?

In 2021, we launched the Community Edition of our popular self-study course The World’s Best Introduction to Test-Driven Development: Level 1 designed precisely for people like you.

How It Works

For 3 months, we run an online community of learners (a “Cohort”) who receive extra support while they go through Level 1 of the course.

With this extra support, you’ll complete this course with the confidence you need to use these techniques effectively in your day job.

These Cohorts are scheduled for specific times of the year, so when you purchase the Online Community edition of this course, you can decide whether to join the current Cohort already in progress or to wait for the next one to start.

Join the Next Group

Our next Cohort runs January 13, 2022 to April 13, 2022. When you purchase The World’s Best Introduction to TDD: Level 1, you’ll have the option to join the next cohort for an additional fee. To do this, you only need to select the Online Community option when you purchase the course.

Future Cohorts

Here is the current Cohort schedule:

Extra Options

When you join an Online Community for this course, you receive special discounts on live working sessions with me.

These extras are entirely optional, but they go a long way to help you get more from this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy the Online Community edition of the course, can I join Office Hours sessions before my cohort starts? No. The Office Hours Chat sessions in this course are only for this course and only run during your scheduled cohort. The “general” Office Hours mentoring sessions that I offer is entirely separate (and still a great value!).

Can a group of people from my company join a cohort? Yes, they absolutely can. We haven’t automated the sales for that yet, so please contact me and we’ll work out the details together. You can pay either by credit card or bank transfer.

Can we run a private cohort for my company? Yes, we can, but not for the prices you see here. If you’re interested in a private engagement, including confidentiality protection under a non-disclosure agreement, then please contact me and we’ll work out the details together.

Do you offer other TDD/Evolutionary Design-related training options? I’m looking for something slightly different. Absolutely yes, read more about our training options, including self-study, live/remote, and hybrid options.

Do you have a question about this course? Please ask it!