Do you need the help of a trusted adviser? We can work together for much less than the cost of an on-site visit. You can start getting the advice you need right now for less than the cost of the flight to visit you.

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On-Site Training

Are you looking specifically for training on site or in person? Here’s what you need to know.

I’m Just Trying to Book Training For My Team

If you don’t book on-site training as a full-time job, then you probably already have a course in mind and need to take the next steps. It typically goes like this.

  1. You answer some questions about what you need.
  2. I contact you to clarify your needs and to work with you towards a proposal.
  3. You obtain approval on the proposal. (Maybe you approve it yourself!)
  4. We schedule the course.

If you don’t already have a course in mind, then browse the course catalog. You always have the option of customizing your course or even proposing something different. I’ve combined existing courses for clients as well as designed entirely new courses for them on demand. Most things are possible.

I’m a Training Coordinator

If you book training as a full-time job, then typically you want to do one of these:

Even Greater Value!

I offer online, self-study courses for the fundamental concepts that I teach. Clients have begun combining self-study courses to learn the basics with on-site workshops months later in order to explore more complicated trade-offs and deal more directly with their specific context. Some clients combine self-study training with remote working sessions, giving them maximum flexibility.

Starting with an online course means you can start right now, instead of waiting for when I’m free to visit your office. You can also invest less money up front in your training. Some clients book remote question-and-answer sessions me with me to help them get started applying what they’ve learned. Months later, if they reach the limit of what they can learn on their own, they arrange an on-site workshop with me that goes beyond the basics and is customized for their context.

Some clients need the certainty of on-site training, so that participants actually make time to show up and do the work, but if you believe that you could start effectively with online training, you’d almost certainly get significantly more value from your training budget. If you’re unsure, then ask me and I’ll help you figure it all out.