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Training Models

Most organizations find one of these models fits their needs, but you should feel free to suggest another model if you have something else in mind.

Flipped Classroom

For those of you looking especially for introductory TDD training, this is by far the best value, because it combines the best aspects of a standardized training course with the best aspects of customized, on-site training.

You start with an online, self-paced training course in the fundamentals of testing and design. Participants who have successfully completed Level 1 of this course then apply their learning to their daily work. After a period of practice—I recommend at least 3 months—we continue with a highly intensive on-site engagement, during which we work exclusively on your projects together.

You pay your programmers to work on their day job with access to an expert to help them solve problems quickly.

This training model works well both for entire teams and for training select people throughout the organization.

This model also works best in organizations that find it easier to make room on people’s calendars for self-paced, independent learning. It helps greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the on-site component of the engagement.

Immersive Training

This is an excellent value for any business with minimal disruption, as it combines just enough training with a focus on guided practice to complete real work.

We start with two or three days of training on the concepts you need to learn, then spend the rest of the two weeks applying the concepts you’ve learned to deliver real features or fix real defects. This training model works best for entire teams.

Office Hours

This provides high value to any business with some disruption, as it combines a little more training with some opportunities to experience guided practice to make progress on real work.

We start with two or three days of training on the concepts you need to learn, then run office hours for the rest of the week, during which individuals or teams can see an example of how to apply one of the concepts they’ve learned to their daily work. This training model works best if you need to train groups of people from various teams at once.


This provides a lower cost to any business by focusing entirely on classroom training.

We run a conventional classroom training session based on the concepts you need to learn, using prepared examples to illustrate key points. this training model works best if you need to train diverse people from across the organization.

Please note that I might ask one of my trusted partners to provide training in the event that I can’t meet your desired schedule. I will inform you as soon as I know that that’s the case.