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Value-Driven Product Development

This course was formerly known as “Product Sashimi”, so if you’re looking for that course, then you’re in the right place!

Maybe you have an idea for a product. You have to figure out how to deliver software that will delight your customers. You want to ship something of value now!

Maybe you need to manage a project that’s already going to go over budget. Your deadline is looming on the horizon. You’ve tried negotiating scope the way the books have taught you to and it’s not working. “We have to have it all! Tomorrow! Hurry!”

Maybe you feel like your team has lost sight of what they’re trying to build. They have a long backlog, they’re cranking their way through it, but it just doesn’t feel right. You’re still building the wrong product… or at least you’re doing an awful lot of work to build the right one.

Maybe this course is exactly what you need.


You are a business person with an idea for a product, or a product manager trying to meet your customers’ increasing demands for new features now, or a programmer struggling with unrealistic deadlines. If you want to deliver more value with less software, then you need this course.

You are a technical worker—a programmer, a tester, an architect—having trouble understanding what you’re supposed to help build. Either you build the wrong thing, or too much of the right thing, or find out too late that you should have done something simpler. You suspect that you could deliver 80% of the value for 20% of the effort, but between you and your stakeholders, it’s just not happening. You need this course.

You are in a startup and everyone is happily going fast and breaking stuff. You’re on course to survive the “learning to fly” stage, but you’re worried that once you have enough cash to stand on your feet and want to develop a longer-term strategy, that you won’t have the discipline that you’ll need—or worse, that your fellow starter-uppers won’t realise just how much extra discipline they’ll need to stay in business. You need this course.

What you will learn

I practise what I teach…

A company whose software product I rely on to run my business asked me the Net Promoter Score question, and I rated their product 8. I told them that if I could combine their look and feel with a competitor’s features, then I’d rate it a 10. When one of their customer service representatives asked for more details, I sent them a thorough description of what I needed using myself as a Persona, describing my specific business goals, and even writing a few Examples/Scenarios. They loved it! They told me:

This is such valuable feedback that I cut and pasted your entire message and sent it to our CEO and Head of Product.

Wouldn’t you like to cultivate relationships like that between the people asking for features and the people delivering them? This training will get you on your way!

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