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Working With Me

If you're looking for online training or coaching by email, click here. If you're looking for on-site training, click here.

I don't have to get on a plane for us to work together! I have spent the last several years helping people like you from the comfort of our respective homes or offices. You can start today by booking a working sesion with me.

Many people have asked me whether I'm available for remote pair programming sessions. I am! You can book a session right now. Although you will book a 1-hour session, I have not yet had a working session last only 1 hour. They have averaged about 75 minutes. (Shhh!)

While many people hire me for pair programming, we don't have to write code. I have had working sessions with various people over the years involving the following kinds of work:

How It Works

When you book a working session with me, please tell me what you'd like to work on, so that I can start thinking about it. After we agree on a date and time, I will send you an invoice for the session. Once I receive paymment, your session is confirmed.

The current price per session is CAD 250. You can pay immediately by credit card, but if you need to pay by bank transfer (in CAD, USD, or EUR), then please contact me to make separate arrangements. Prices will vary based on the current exchange rate. Sales taxes and additional fees might apply.