Manufacturing Slack

Many organizations arrange training classes, provide education budgets to their employees, hire well-known consultants to visit and give inspiring talks, but most of the time, nothing changes. Why isn’t your organization improving? What we can do about it?

In this course we examine how to improve this situation. Almost every organization has excess capacity waiting to be discovered and used to your advantage. We form a general understanding of what your business is doing today, discuss the learning curve and how it stops man improvement projects in their tracks, and you leave with a plan to find the hidden slack in your organization, start exploiting it, and decide how to reinvest that slack into the business.


Anyone working in an environment where they feel certain that change is needed, but look around and see that nobody has the time to change anything. You feel stuck and want someone to help you figure out a way to make progress.

Key Topics



Participants need the following to attend this course.

Remote Training Preparation

Please do the following at least one day before the course is scheduled to start.

Delivery Options

Live/Remote Private Course

The standard course runs as 2 sessions of 1/2 day each scheduled within a 1-week period. The course is suitable for groups up to 30 people. Larger groups should run the course multiple times.

It is also recommended to add follow-up working sessions to be scheduled 1 month, 3 months, and 6-12 months after the course ends, as a way to support the group as they apply what they’ve learned to their daily work.

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