Are you looking for a standard training course to offer within your company, a more custom training program for your group, to join a public course, or for one-to-one private training?

If you’re already a member of The jbrains Experience, then you can book one-to-one training sessions at a signficant discount. Current prices and booking options.

Standard Courses

You’re interested in a training course if you need a standard curriculum and a set schedule. These courses provide a common learning experience to a wider audience, so they are well-suited to internal training courses through an Education or Training department. Training courses are available as remote, real-time, instructor-led sessions in blocks of 1/2 day over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. Browse the course catalog to read about topics and scheduling options.

Custom Programs

A custom program fits better for single teams or departments. If you’re a team lead, first-line manager, or a technical leader, you might already know what kind of training you’d like for your group, but you want something more customized to your group’s particular needs. These programs take full advantage of the benefits of remote real-time workshops: more scheduling flexibility, less participant fatigue, more time to think between sessions, and an agenda that more-easily adapts to the participants. Learn more about how we can work together to design a learning program that meets your group’s needs.

Public Courses

If you’re looking for a public course to join, then browse the list of upcoming public courses. Individuals can find courses that fit their needs. Companies can send one or more people to a course as an “audition” to help them decide whether to offer it more widely inside their organization. You can also subscribe to be notified when we schedule additional courses.

One-to-One Private Training

You’re an individual looking for immediate help with a specific problem. You might want the perspective of an experienced adviser or you might prefer a highly-customized approach to learning a certain topic. It’s not clear to you whether you need training or coaching or mentoring, but you know that you want one-to-one sessions instead of joining a public course. Members of The jbrains Experience can book sessions starting at CAD 200. (This option is only available to members for one-to-one sessions.) If you’re already a member, then read more about current prices and scheduling options.

Special information related to the global COVID-19 pandemic. I have suspended all on-site training while the global community learns how travel approximately as safely as we could before 2020. By the time you read this, some exceptions might be possible, but as of June 2022, all training engagements are still only available online/remote.