Surviving Your Inevitable Agile Transition

As agile software development became mainstream, agile transitions routinely failed. This resulted in chaos, infighting, an exodus of top talent, and to this day leads steadily to the demise of agile’s reputation. This has left many people exhausted and cynical. Some feel as though they’ve been cheated and lied to. Others insist that their people didn’t try hard enough. Still others are holding their head in the heads wondering what exactly happened.

If you’re facing an “agile transition”, you might be facing it with dread instead of hope, and I don’t blame you.

You can adopt agile software development practices and principles and it can work! To do this, you’ll need to pay attention to what your predecessors and your competition have ignored: you must seek out your organization’s values and understand its problems before you can expect the agile toolkit to produce results.

Learn from your competitors’ mistakes. Enjoy the kind of success that agile software development approaches promise.


If any of these sound like you, then you’ve found the right course.

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