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Join J. B. Rainsberger and learn whether test-driven development (TDD) will work for you. In addition to basic TDD training, this course unlocks some of the secrets of modular design from one of TDD’s master practitioners. Bring your laptop and be prepared to change the way you write software.


You have had professional experience on at least one software project. You would like to know how to design software incrementally with test-driven development.

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You can maximize the value of on-site training right now. Either you could pay me thousands of currency units (even millions, depending on which country you live in) to get on a plane and teach you the fundamentals of TDD or you could start right now with self-paced, online training on the basics, then pay me thousands (or millions) in a few months, once you get past the basics and deep into more “interesting” problems. What could be better? For a tiny investment up front you get a lot more value.

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If you don’t want to learn alone, don’t worry: you’re not necessarily on your own. (You can be, if you like.) After you’ve started your online training, if you need extra help, click here to join my private learning community. Ask questions, get answers, and be first in line to hire me for as-you-need-it live training/coaching sessions. This will guide you until it becomes obvious that it’s time for on-site, in-depth, immersive training, coaching, and consulting. How’s that for agile? Invest a little, try the training, work with the trainer, and then invest big only when it becomes clear that it will deliver you a huge bang for your buck, euro, or kronor/krónur/kroner.

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