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Upcoming Public Courses

If you would like to know when new courses are scheduled, sign up here or send yourself a periodic reminder to check this page.

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October 7-8, 2019 Vienna, Austria Surviving Legacy Code TechTalk Austria
October 10-11, 2019 Tallinn, Estonia Agile Design: Beyond the Basics DevTraining
October 24, 2019 Vilnius, Lithuania Surviving Legacy Code or Value-Driven Product Development Which could would you prefer to attend?
November 8, 2019 Bucharest, Romania Surviving Legacy Code CodeCamp Romania
Last updated June 24, 2019.

Real-Time Courses Over the Web

You can’t find a course in your area? My schedule doesn’t match your schedule? You’d still like to join? Maybe a real-time course over the web would work for you!

In summer 2018 I started to offer real-time courses over the web. This works especially well for individuals and pairs. We typically schedule a handful of 90-minute sessions spread over a few weeks so that you can complete the course in the comfort of your home or office. You have the chance to practise on your own, struggle a little bit, and ask great questions in our next session! It can even be a better experience—in some ways—to joining a course in person.

As an example, one pair of programmers went through Surviving Legacy Code with me as 5 sessions of 90 minutes each, including theory, answering questions, discussing difficult situations, and reviewing code. The entire course happened in one month. Does this sound interesting to you?

Since this offering is personalized to each individual, the price varies based on the course, the time of year, and your goals. Please contact me and tell me which course you’re interested in and we’ll figure out the details together.

If you need a lower-cost alternative or simply prefer self-study, then visit my online training school to get started.

Conference Organizers and Training Providers!

I have been speaking at conferences and running public training courses since 2003. I have been running public courses regularly throughout Europe every year since 2010. I work with conference organizers to arrange Master Classes, so that revenue from the class takes pressure off the conference budget to attract speakers. Whether you organize training on its own or as part of a conference, please browse the course catalog to find a topic that matches your market or propose something else entirely. I am open to fixed-fee, revenue-sharing, and profit-sharing agreements. I give preference to locations in the world that I enjoy traveling to.

In 2019, I’m traveling in Europe from mid-September to mid-December. I have limited space on my calendar, but I’m happy to consider any invitation.