Training Courses

I offer training courses with a standard curriculum and a set schedule to organizations who want to provide a common learning experience to a wider audience. These are especially suitable for companies looking to offer courses on their internal training or education course catalog. I provide these courses as remote, real-time sessions in blocks of 1/2 day over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. I also offer support sessions to teams or other small groups who need further support to apply what they’ve learned to their projects.

If you’re more interested in a custom training program, these standard courses serve as starting points for designing a custom training program: “We need something like your TDD course, but with a focus on…”.

Course Catalog

These standard courses are available:

Team Support Workshops

Many teams or small groups would benefit from further support to apply what they’ve learned to their projects. Support workshops are available in both 2-hour and 1/2-day formats to help teams or small groups feel confident about integrating the training course into their daily work. (See the course descriptions for recommendations about these workshops.) When you request a quote for your course, indicate how many teams or small groups might need support workshops in the days, weeks, or even months following their participation in the course.